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Adventures in Wonderland Slot Game Review

Adventures in Wonderland slot game is based on the well-known children’s story Alice in Wonderland. Powered by Playtech, the slot game has 5 reels and 20 paylines. This magical game is accompanied by classical and magical sound that matches the story and also contains featured bonuses with famous characters from the story.

Free games
In order to trigger the free game feature a player need to have 3 Mad Hatter Scatter. The free game is called Tea Party bonus and it features: Alice, the Rabbit, and the Mad Hatter. In the free game, the players can select a guest to serve tea to. The more drinks he serves, the greater prize the players wins. Players can keep on selecting guests until they’ve had their fill. Bonus prizes are multipliers of the total stake for all lines. - Slot Games - Alice in wonderland slot game 2

Features bonuses
Adventures in Wonderland has several features bonuses, each one is unique same as the character that embodies it. One of the features bonuses is The Rabbit Hole Scatter: 1 Rabbit Hole Scatter on the middle reel triggers the Rabbit Hole bonus. Alice will fall down the rabbit hole collecting prizes until she lands. Prizes have been multiplied by the total stake for all lines. Another featured bonus is called the Free spins Sactter: 3 White Rabbit scatters trigger the pocked watch bonus. The first bonus is Pocket Watch Bonus where the hand will and players can win free spins to the total of each number it stops on. The second is Sticky Wilds where the white rabbit will then jump over the reels. Wherever he lands a sticky wild will appear. These wilds will remain in position for all free spins. The third bonus is free spins: an enhanced set of reels are used for freespins. However, the Mad Hatter Scatter, the Rabbit Hole bonus can’t be triggered during the freespins.

Personal Opinion
Playing Adventures in Wonderland is nostalgic, the colors are lively and the graphic gives a feeling of a fairy tale. Whenever I won, Alice on the reel drinks a potion and shrinks just like in the story. I enjoyed the select lines button, where you can choose the lines you want to stake and spin until you win. After a few auto spins I got 3 Mad Hatter on the reels and managed to win the free game Tea Party. In the game you have to quickly choose a character and the more they drink tea, the more you get- so that was a nice touch. To sum up, this game is great for nostalgic fans.

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