What is Keno?

Keno is gambling game found at the more modern casinos. The word "keno" is derived from Latin which literally means "five winning numbers" although many would argue that the game was invented in China.

How does Keno work?
Keno resembles the lottery consisting of 80 numbers of which 20 are drawn at random in each game. Prior to each game, the player chooses a group of expected winning numbers. The more numbers selected, the higher the prize should the selected numbers be chosen by the random selector mechanism. The selector mechanism can either be analogue or digital depending where you play.

Keno Paytable may vary
Each casino sets its own pay-scale contained within the "Paytable". At every casino you visit, no two pay-tables are ever identical. Many Las Vegas casinos offer up to 30 different kinds of pay-tables for their Keno games.

Keno payouts
Keno payouts are based on how many numbers the player has in common with the numbers selected by the casino's random mechanism. The amount paid out is dependent on the amount bet by the player at any given round of Keno.

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